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released April 19, 2011



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Bombino Agadez, Niger

Omara "Bombino" Moctar, a young Tuareg guitarist and songwriter, was raised during an era of armed struggles for independence and violent suppression by government forces. His electrifying jams capture the spirit of resistance and rebellion while echoing with guitar riffs reminiscent of fellow Africans Tinariwen and Ali Farka Touré as well as Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Page. ... more

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Track Name: Ahoulaguine Akaline (I Greet My Country)
I greet my country where I left my parents
I greet my country
I greet my country where I left my love
I greet my country
I greet my country where I left my community
I greet my country
You know that I am suffering from it
I greet my country
Track Name: Tar Hani (My Love)
I am telling you, my love will not leave you
Hold up my love – everywhere you go
Put my heart and yours together – everywhere you go
Do not listen to the words of enemies
They can destroy a true love
Track Name: Adounia (Life)
Life! Life! Life! Life! Life! Life!
If you permit yourself to be obsessed by the difficulties of life
They will carry you away!
You will forget your friends
You will forget your community
Life is short and we have to enjoy it during our short stay
Life! Life! Life! Life! Life! Life!
Track Name: Kammou Taliat (You, My Beloved)
You – my lover – know that I keep you in my heart
True love deep in my heart links us forever
Everywhere I go, I think about you
And I always listen to my heart it reminds me of your love
I will never forget you
And I will die with your love
You – my lover – know that I keep you in my heart
Track Name: Tigrawahi Tikma (Bring Us Together)
I am feeling sick to see my community unable to unite itself
We share the same culture, the same language, the same problems
Why can't we come together?
This situation injures a living heart
We have to love each other and have the same goals in order to fight for our rights
Love must be our link; our culture will bring us together for a better future
Track Name: Tenere (The Desert, My Home)
Wide open spaces of the desert! In the desert! Desert! In the desert!
Desert! In the desert! Oh desert!
There is solitude in the desert, and a lack of water
I am sitting on a dune and thinking about the hostility of life in the desert
I am realizing the hard conditions of the life of my brothers
Sun is burning in the desert. There is no rain in the desert
To live in the desert, we need to have a strong morale
We live in the most beautiful space and the hardest space for life
Wide open spaces of the desert! In the desert! Desert! In the desert!
Desert! In the desert! Oh desert!
Track Name: Iyat Idounia Ayasahen (Another Life)
Another life is the hardest life in that it separates friends
It separates friends because it doesn't allow for heritage
We follow material goods and forget our relationships
We leave our friends because of money
We fool our friends because of material things
Are material things more important than men?
Track Name: Azamane (My Brothers United)
People! Hold on for a moment!
Anyone you contact, will tell you
Our community needs help
We are suffering and we have to stand up for our rights
We have to fight against injustice and discrimination
But he has other ideas concerning just his own life
At the end you will realize that he is fighting only for his own interests
And he has no aims for the people
Oh my brother! We have heard so many ideas without a good future
We have lost many men for our rights but there are no benefits for us at the end
It is necessary to find another solution
People! Hold on for a moment!
Track Name: Assalam Felawan (Peace To You)
We are greeting you, the Tuareg people
How are you?
How do you experience this difficult situation?
The injustice, discrimination, lack of water, bad health, and lack of education
That refuses to end?
Please preserve our culture! Preserve it! Don't let it disappear!
We thank our parents who raised us amidst these difficulties, requiring much patience
Don't let the efforts of our parents disappear for nothing
Track Name: Tebsakh Dalet (A Green Acacia)
A green acacia in the center of the water makes the soul breathe
Its breathing came to me bringing a soft air
When her love invades me, she becomes like a green flower
Green acacia, which is in the center of the water, makes the soul breathe
Track Name: Mahegagh (What Shall I Do?) [BONUS]
What shall I do?
Oh, what shall I do
Against this endless solitude
It is located in the bottom of my heart
And lives on it every moment
My friends, do you know
What could cool my boiling heart?
Track Name: Adinet (Tuareg People) [BONUS]
Tuareg people, become aware!
Tuareg people
The world is watching us
Tuareg people
We are not able
Tuareg people
To unite our people
Tuareg people
What happens to us?
Tuareg people
We can not
Tuareg people
Assure the unity of our people
Tuareg people
The world is about to evolve.
Tuareg people
Divided, we stay behind
Tuareg people